What Are the Benefits of a Breast Lift Procedure?

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your breasts, or if you simply wanted to maintain a more youthful appearance, you might have considered a breast lift procedure. But what exactly is a breast lift, and what are the benefits?

The Basics of Breast Lifts in San Francisco

A breast lift is sometimes called a “mastopexy.” It’s a procedure performed by plastic surgeons to alter the shape and position of your breasts. Using one or more types of incisions (including a periareolar incision around the areola, a keyhole incision running vertically from the periareolar incision to the bottom of the breast, and an anchor incision, running horizontally across the breast), the surgeon can remove excess skin and reshape the breast tissue, ultimately repositioning the breasts.

Breast lifts can be performed on one or both breasts, and can accomplish a number of different goals. Recovery typically takes a few days, and the risks are minimal; you may experience some scarring, changes in nipple or breast sensation, or difficulty breastfeeding in the future.

Before undergoing the procedure, you’ll want to speak with your plastic surgeon and your doctor about your medical history. You’ll also use this time to undergo a physical exam; if you have any underlying health conditions or potential risk factors for complications, you’ll need to understand these risks (and hopefully mitigate them) before getting the procedure.




Benefits of Getting a Breast Lift in San Francisco


Why would someone undergo this procedure?

Depending on your goals, you may try to achieve:

  • Firmer, perkier breast shape. A breast lift will give you the appearance of firmer, perkier breasts. Rather than sagging or falling flat, your breasts could have a round, full-looking shape. For many, this is the ideal breast shape.
  • Raised nipple projections. As you get older, and after pregnancy, your breasts will naturally begin to droop, resulting in lower, downward-pointed nipples. If you’re interested in higher nipple projections, facing outward, a breast lift could give them to you.
  • A more youthful appearance. Generally, breast lifts are designed to make your breasts look more youthful. You can’t fight against all the signs and symptoms of aging, but a breast lift can make your breasts look many years younger.
  • Better-fitting clothes. If your breasts are asymmetrical, or if they sag or seem misshapen, it can be hard to find clothes that fit. You might have trouble finding bras or bikinis that naturally suit your breasts, or you might feel like none of your clothes fit you quite right. With a breast lift procedure, you can give your beasts a better shape, which can help you fill out your clothes and get a better fit overall.
  • More symmetrical breasts. Remember, your breast lift doesn’t have to be for both breasts. You can reshape one, or reshape your breasts in different ways. This makes a breast lift capable of improving an asymmetrical appearance. For example, if one of your breasts seems to sag more than the other, or if size differences make you feel self-conscious, a breast lift can restore them to a more symmetrical shape and position.
  • Reduction of excess skin. One of the goals of the procedure is to correct problems with excess skin on and around the breasts. This is typically a problem resulting from a lack of volume, either due to weight loss or as a response to breastfeeding.
  • Less under-breast irritation. For some women, sagging breasts aren’t just a matter of appearance or self-esteem; they result in skin irritation and physical discomfort. A breast lift will give your breasts a higher position, with less dragging and rubbing. Most women experience significantly less breast irritation when the procedure is complete.
  • Higher self-esteem. This is one of the most important benefits of a breast lift procedure. Multiple studies have confirmed that so long as patients have reasonable expectations for the results of the surgery, both men and women tend to have higher self-esteem and satisfaction after plastic surgery. If you struggle with your appearance to the point that it negatively interferes with your life, a breast lift can result in a much higher quality of life afterward. You’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll be more outgoing, and you may be less likely to experience negative feelings like anxiety.

You can work with your plastic surgeon to set a course for your surgery, repositioning and reshaping your breasts as you see fit. Your surgeon will also work with you to set reasonable expectations for the results of the procedure; with a breast lift, you won’t be increasing the size of your breasts, and there’s a limit to what you can accomplish, even with all these options.




Why People Consider a Breast Lift in San Francisco


You may consider a breast lift in San Francisco in one of these situations:

  • After pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts may sag more than usual. You may also experience excess skin. A breast lift can make your breasts look younger, and restore them to the shape and position they were before the birth of your child.
  • Weight loss. Weight loss can make you feel great about yourself, but it can also leave you with excess skin—especially around your breasts. Breast lifts can remove this skin.
  • As you get older, your breasts will naturally begin to droop, with your nipples gradually pointing more downward. A breast lift can give them a firmer shape, with forward-facing nipples.
  • Lack of symmetry. Asymmetrical breasts are perfectly normal, but you may be unhappy with their appearance. By making adjustments to one or both breasts, you can improve this.
  • General unhappiness with breast shape. If you’re unhappy with the shape or position of your breasts in any way, a breast lift could help.

If you’re interested in a potential breast lift procedure, your best course of action is to speak with a plastic surgeon in San Francisco directly, using a free consultation to learn more about the procedure and understand your options. Schedule your free consultation with Sieber Plastic Surgery today!


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