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How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Improve Your Life

How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Improve Your Life

Are you experiencing back, neck and shoulder pain while lifting heavy objects, playing sports or just doing your regular household chores? If so, and you’re a woman, it could be due to your breasts. If they’re overly large, they could be causing discomfort in various ways, but worse, leaving them as they are, could result in more serious pain.

To help combat this problem, more women are undergoing a surgical procedure referred to as a breast reduction surgery.

According to a study published in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons official medical journal, women who had breast reduction surgery before they were 25 years old report experiencing lasting advantages up to 30 years after their procedure.

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction procedure is a procedure where Dr. Sieber, a San Francisco plastic surgeon removes excess breast tissue, fatty tissue and excess skin to reduce your breast size. Women with very heavy and big breasts cope with various physical limitations. They also struggle with everyday problems like:

  • Self-esteem concerns people may be staring at them
  • Finding the right clothing
  • Aesthetically dreaming of just wanting more proportionate and smaller breasts.

Seriously big breasts could also lead to underlying health concerns like breathing problems, poor circulation and poor posture. This is where a breast reduction can be of great benefit to women.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are a few reasons why you’d want to receive a breast reduction. Women don’t just decide on a breast reduction surgery for aesthetic reasons only. Bigger breasts are heavy in mass and volume and could cause shoulder and neck pain, along with poor posture and headaches.

There are also dermatological problems due to severe breast sag, such as indentations (groves) on the shoulders, because of bra straps and chafing skin under breasts. Plus, because big breasts sit on your lungs of your chest cavity, they could inhibit lung capacity, making it harder to breathe sometimes.

Just performing everyday activities like putting on your seatbelt, running or attempting to sleep on your stomach could all be difficult because of large breasts. Not being able to exercise properly can cause weight gain. Some women who have very large breasts find it uncomfortable and even embarrassing to even attempt a little exercise. A breast reduction surgery can seriously change these women’s lives. After your cosmetic surgery make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions closely and wear your surgical bra as instructed to do so.

Breast Reduction Surgery Can Improve Your Life

There are various reasons why a breast reduction can improve your life, including:

  1. A balanced figure.  Just because big breasts naturally occur, doesn’t mean they will look natural. Large amounts of breast tissue and very large breasts can make you look like you have an off-balance figure, disproportionate and top-heavy. Breast reduction can enhance your overall body shape by producing a more natural-looking, balanced ratio between your breasts and hips.  However, breasts aren’t naturally identical in size or shape and each woman experiences some level of asymmetry. But, when your breasts are too big, this asymmetry is more drastically pronounced. Breast reduction not only modifies the overall shape of your breasts but also your breast size as well. Breast reduction surgery enhances symmetry as well.
  2. Fewer back, neck and posture issues. Too large breasts can be a huge issue for your body’s skeletal and muscular systems and throw things off balance. This can cause ongoing pain and discomfort. A breast reduction procedure can help alleviate the weight your back and neck require to support each day, eliminating the linked pain of bra straps and body aches. After a breast reduction surgery, your posture will improve when you don’t have this added weight and your whole body will feel more comfortable and lighter.
  3. Enhancements in appearance. Big breasts can frequently seem out of proportion with your body and can cause other problems, such as sagging. A breast reduction could bring your breasts back in proportion with the remainder of your body which could lead to better aesthetics.
  4. Improved confidence. Many women with extremely large breasts lack confidence and are self-conscious about this particular part of their bodies. They spend lots of time obsessing about obtaining the proper coverage and support for this area, they seek out cosmetic surgery to help alleviate these severe problems.. A breast reduction will help you stop this unneeded worry so you can get on with your life.
  5. Emotional wellness. Women with bigger breasts than normal for the shape of their body often suffer from low self-esteem. This could lead to unwanted sexual attention. A breast reduction procedure can restore adequate proportion to their bodies. When you don’t look overweight anymore, you feel more confident.
  6. Exercise is simpler. Having large breasts makes it difficult to exercise and sometimes awkward. Plus, balancing is almost impossible. Breast reduction can help make working out more comfortable.
  7. Alleviation of some skin problems. Since huge breasts press against your skin and are usually constricted by a too-tight bra, it could lead to rashes and skin irritation which can become a constant issue, particularly in the summer’s heat. After a breast reduction procedure, many women are happy to see their rashes clearing up.

When performed properly, breast reduction usually doesn’t lead to any permanent numbness or reduce nipple sensation. You will have scars following your breast reduction surgery, but they’re usually hidden in areas your bra covers. Women tend to be more satisfied with their emotional and physical well-being and appearance after their breast reduction surgery.

Questions and Answers

How painful is a breast reduction surgery?

Is breast reduction a painful procedure? While anesthesia is administered during the surgery, it’s typical to experience soreness for two to three days postoperatively. Pain medication will be prescribed, and your surgeon may recommend applying wrapped ice packs gently to alleviate pain and reduce swelling in sensitive areas.

What is the recovery time after breast reduction surgery?

The initial recovery period following breast reduction typically spans approximately three weeks, while the extended recovery phase extends from 3 to 6 months, occasionally lasting even longer. Each stage has its distinct characteristics, and certain issues may arise at any point, irrespective of the time elapsed since the surgery.

Will you look skinnier after a breast reduction?

A notable advantage of decreasing breast size is the perception of significant weight loss, even when the actual weight hasn’t changed. This effect is particularly noticeable in women with a smaller frame and a larger bust. Numerous women share experiences of receiving comments about appearing slimmer and taller following reduction surgery.

Does breast reduction reduce the chances of breast cancer?

Breast reduction surgery has been demonstrated to decrease the risk of breast cancer, primarily by reducing the amount of glandular tissue susceptible to cancer development. It’s crucial to recognize that while excess breast tissue removal through breast reduction surgery cannot entirely prevent cancer, it can minimize the space where cancerous cells may potentially emerge.

What kind of scars accompany breast reductions?

Breast reduction scars exhibit diverse shapes and sizes, typically resembling lines that are either lighter or darker than your natural skin tone. These breast reduction surgery scars may also manifest in shades such as pink, red, purple, gray, or dark brown. Certain individuals may have a higher predisposition to developing raised scars. It is common for these scars to experience itching or tenderness following the surgery. It is also important to make sure that you follow your surgeon’s directions and wear the surgical bra you are instructed to wear after your surgery.

Is it normal to have breathing problems after breast reduction surgery?

If you encounter symptoms such as breathlessness, chest pains, or irregular heartbeats, it is imperative to promptly seek medical attention. In the event of any of these complications arising after undergoing a Breast Reduction, hospitalization and additional treatment may be necessary.

Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

Breathing Problems After Breast ReductionTo learn more about breast reduction with Dr. Sieber, San Francisco’s Cosmetic Surgeon, give us a call at 415-915-9000 or you can schedule your consultation here.



Dr. Dave Sieber and his staff are so awesome! Dr. Sieber is personable yet professional, his work is impeccable. He listens to his patient and works with them to achieve what they want. He’s like my hair dresser, a magician, you just want to do a happy dance with the results, only these results are lasting. Ok, but seriously, the procedure was very smooth, the staff and the doctors (Dr Sieber and the anesthesiologist) had great communication and made sure I was comfortable with very clear and concise pre op and post op directions. The healing process was very easy and the results are FABULOUS. Side note, Dr. Sieber has really awesome skin, I feel like this is impressive and important because really, would you trust a dentist with bad teeth? I am so elated and satisfied with the results, the size is perfect and they look and feel very natural. They are exactly what I wanted.*

SF Scientist

Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is attentive, responsive, and well trained. I had seen him for Botox and filler and he had done both without any pain or bruising and more importantly the results were fabulous. He has met with me on time at each appointment. He communicates what to expect, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure, checked on my healing every day post procedure. He couldn’t be more delightful not more talented. I had seen other plastic surgeons for in office treatments over the past decade and Dr. Sieber is at the top of the list in terms of delivering the desired outcome and high quality care.*

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