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Out of Town

Out of town plastic surgery san francisco patientsAre you interested in having your plastic surgery procedure performed by Dr. Sieber in San Francisco, California but don’t live in the area? No problem! Dr. Sieber’s patients have traveled from many states and countries for treatments and procedures. Regardless of the procedure you’re interested in, Dr. Sieber is only a short plane ride away. At Sieber Plastic Surgery, we welcome traveling patients and are here to make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Setting up a Virtual Consultation

Scheduling a virtual consultation is as easy as giving us a call at 415-915-9000 or filling out an inquiry form.

Once contacted, our front office staff will reach out to you to schedule telehealth visit with Dr. Sieber. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation text, and 15 minutes prior to your appointment, the link to your virtual consult will be texted to you. Dr. Sieber will request that you fill out his new patient paperwork and upload high-quality photos of areas you want treated into the patient portal so that we can review your information prior to your scheduled consultation call.  There is a $300 consultation fee that is applied to your procedure.

Once Dr. Sieber receives your photos and discusses your goals for surgery during your consultation call, he will determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery. Based on your discussion and Dr. Sieber’s recommendations, our patient care coordinator will provide you with a quote for your desired procedure.

Next Steps: Booking Your Procedure

If you decide to move forward with your procedure, our patient care coordinator can review financing options should you need them. To reserve your spot for surgery there is a $500 non-refundable booking fee which will ensure that your date and time for surgery are reserved. Our patient care coordinator can further assist with scheduling details, accommodations, and if needed, private duty nursing.

Coming in for an In-Person Consultation

Depending on the type of procedure you will be having, you should plan on arriving in San Francisco at least one day prior to your surgery date. You will meet with Dr. Sieber in the office for an in-person consultation before your surgery. At this time, Dr. Sieber will again go over the procedure in detail as well as what to expect during recovery. He will also perform a physical examination, take pre-op photographs, and will take measurements if having any breast-related surgery.

Preparing for Your Surgery

If you are over 50 years old or have any pre-existing medical condition you will be required to have labs drawn and an EKG performed at least 2 weeks before surgery. Dr. Sieber’s office will provide you with the necessary paperwork to have these complete ahead of time.

If you are having breast surgery and are over the age of 40 years old, you will need to have a bilateral mammogram performed within 6 months of your surgery date. If you have a positive family history of breast cancer or carry the breast cancer gene, please discuss this with Dr. Sieber, as he may require you to have a mammogram younger than 40 years old in these situations.

If you are a smoker or use any nicotine products, the sooner you can quit, the better. Nicotine use is associated with delayed healing and can increase your risk of complications, so Dr. Sieber will ask that you cease smoking at least 4 weeks before and after your surgery. It’s always a good idea to eat a healthy diet in preparation for your surgery so that your body has the energy and nutrients it needs to heal as best as possible.

San Francisco Surgery Center

Dr. Sieber performs all of his surgeries at San Francisco Surgery Center, which is conveniently located in the same building at 450 Sutter Street. San Francisco Surgery Center is a AAASF certified surgery center and utilizes only board-certified anesthesiologists for anesthesia.

Office Location

Dr. Sieber’s office is located on the 14th floor of the premier medical building in downtown San Francisco. It is conveniently located one block north of Union Square. The address is:

450 Sutter St #600

San Francisco, CA 94108

Where to Stay

There is a plethora of hotels located near the office. The most convenient hotel is the San Francisco Marriott Union Square, located directly next door to Dr. Sieber’s Office.

San Francisco Marriott Union Square

Additional hotels in the area:

After-Care Services Available

We offer after care services for patients that would like a surgical companion or registered nurse to help during your initial recovery period. Our nurse will meet you in the recovery area, escort you to your hotel room, and stay with you overnight to ensure all of your needs are being met. Nurse fees vary and services can be arranged prior to your procedure.

Out of Town FAQ

Q: How do I start my out of town surgery process?

A: The first step on your surgery journey is to give us a call to set up your online consultation. A member of our team will reach our to you to set up a time for a virtual consultation with Dr. Sieber. Please be sure to fill out the patient intake forms and upload your photos into the patient portal at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Q: What is the minimum length of stay for my procedure?

A: For safety reasons, patients who are flying long distances for procedures utilizing anesthesia should plan to arrive in San Francisco at least one day prior to the scheduled surgery date. The minimum length of stay will vary depending on the procedure, and other factors such as overall health and age. Generally speaking, Dr. Sieber recommends that patients stay in town following their procedure for a minimum of this many days:

Breast Augmentation – 3 days

Liposuction – 3 to 5 days

Tummy Tuck – 7 to 10 days

Facelift – 7  days

Q: What about follow-up appointments?

A: Dr. Sieber will see you one time after surgery prior to your departure. You will be given Dr. Sieber’s cell phone number and he will be in constant communication with you to check in on how you’re doing and to answer any questions you may have. If you return to the Bay Area at some point in the future after your surgery, Dr. Sieber will be happy to see you for a complimentary follow up visit.

Q: Will I see the doctor before my surgery?

A: Yes, you will meet with Dr. Sieber prior to your surgery. During this time, he will perform a physical exam, speak with you about your surgery options and aesthetic goals, and review your customized treatment plan.

Q: When will I get a price quote for my surgery?

A: After Dr. Sieber reviews your health history and photos, and at the conclusion of your virtual consultation, you will receive a price quote outlining the costs associated with your treatment plan. However, please keep in mind that because your initial consultation will be over the phone and Dr. Sieber will base his recommendations on photographs or through Facetime, there is always the possibility that Dr. Sieber may make additional recommendations once he sees you in person. In that case, you will discuss the new recommendations and receive an updated quote for your treatment plan.

Q: Which airport will I be flying into?

A: Dr. Sieber’s office and adjoining fully accredited surgical facility is within close distance to two international airports. The closest, San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is approximately a 25-40 minute drive depending on traffic. Oakland International Airport (OAK) is a few miles further and located in the East Bay, but is another option to consider, especially if you have a preferred airline that does not fly into SFO. San Jose International is also within driving distance, but is considerably farther and requires about 1.5 hours of driving to get into San Francisco. Lyft, Uber, and taxis are all available on site.

If you are interested in undergoing surgery at Sieber Plastic Surgery, contact our office today at (415) 915-9000 to get started!

Dr. Dave Sieber and his staff are so awesome! Dr. Sieber is personable yet professional, his work is impeccable. He listens to his patient and works with them to achieve what they want. He’s like my hair dresser, a magician, you just want to do a happy dance with the results, only these results are lasting. Ok, but seriously, the procedure was very smooth, the staff and the doctors (Dr Sieber and the anesthesiologist) had great communication and made sure I was comfortable with very clear and concise pre op and post op directions. The healing process was very easy and the results are FABULOUS. Side note, Dr. Sieber has really awesome skin, I feel like this is impressive and important because really, would you trust a dentist with bad teeth? I am so elated and satisfied with the results, the size is perfect and they look and feel very natural. They are exactly what I wanted.*

SF Scientist

Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is attentive, responsive, and well trained. I had seen him for Botox and filler and he had done both without any pain or bruising and more importantly the results were fabulous. He has met with me on time at each appointment. He communicates what to expect, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure, checked on my healing every day post procedure. He couldn’t be more delightful not more talented. I had seen other plastic surgeons for in office treatments over the past decade and Dr. Sieber is at the top of the list in terms of delivering the desired outcome and high quality care.*

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