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Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones and tablets, the neck has suddenly taken center stage. Facetime, Skype, selfies and Snapchat have not only put our necks on constant display, but the action of looking down at our devices can cause the skin and muscles in our necks to atrophy. Couple this with father time, and the result is an aged, sagging looking neck. As the elasticity of the skin and the soft tissue grows weaker, it leads to excess skin and those visible, ropey looking muscle bands that are an instant ager. Some people may also have excess fatty tissue in the neck which can contribute to the appearance of a double chin. A neck lift is a surgical procedure to lift the sagging muscles, and remove excess skin and fat to restore a long, lean, more defined and youthful looking contour to your neck.*

Dr. David Sieber has advanced training in many of the surgical procedures and non-surgical options for treating the neck. During your initial consultation, he will examine your individual anatomy and skin tone and then advise you on the best treatment plan for your desired outcome. A neck lift is commonly performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a brow lift, facelift, and upper and/or lower blepharoplasty.

Neck Lift Improvements

A surgical neck lift is able to:*

  • Remove excess skin
  • Make your neck look longer and leaner
  • Improve the contour of the jawline
  • Tighten loose muscle bands
  • Mildly improve the appearance of jowls

Quick Facts

  • Length: 2-3 hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Inpt/Outpt: Inpatient or outpatient
  • Side effects: Swelling, neck tightness, bruising
  • Recovery: 1-2 weeks

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Neck Lift Technique

Dr. Sieber performs his neck lift surgeries under general anesthesia in an accredited surgery center. He places a small incision underneath your chin and around your ears through which he tightens and re-suspends the deep tissues of the neck, creating a more youthful, lifted contour.* Any excess skin and fat is then removed and the incisions are closed with sutures which will need to be removed in the office one week after surgery.

Preparing for Neck Lift Surgery

As with any major surgery, all medications and supplements which cause an increased risk of bleeding should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery. Please see our list of medications and supplements to avoid. As always, make sure to check with your doctor before stopping any medications.

One of the best ways to prepare your face for facial enhancement surgery is with great skin care. Ask Dr. Sieber or his staff about which skin care products he recommends to address your specific needs.

Recovery from Neck Lift Surgery

After surgery, you’ll have two drains in place, located behind your ears. These are to help remove excess fluid, and to ensure that your neck skin is able to conform to the new contours. Drains are typically removed within 24 hours after surgery. All external sutures will be removed 1 week after surgery. Swelling after surgery is normal and will begin to subside within 2-3 days. You may feel a tightness in your neck, but this will gradually improve in the weeks to months after surgery.*

Immediately after surgery, you should begin gentle walking multiple times throughout the day, but should not perform any activities which raise your heart rate or blood pressure. Starting 2 weeks after surgery, you may begin more moderate cardio exercises, but should refrain from straining or heavy lifting for at least 4 weeks following surgery. You will be released back to full activities 6 weeks after your neck lift surgery.

You will notice the results from your neck lift immediately, but will experience some bruising and swelling for the first 1-2 weeks after surgery. All of the swelling should be gone at 3-6 months post op.*


Q: Will having a neck lift improve my jowls?

A: While a neck lift will improve the bands in your neck, remove any excess skin and fat, and re-contour your neck, if your primary concern is your jowls, you may require a facelift to achieve your desired results.* Dr. Sieber will discuss these options with you during your initial consultation.

Q: Will having liposuction on my neck reduce my skin as well?

A: It depends. In most people, reducing the fatty layer of the neck and tightening the muscles will produce a certain degree of skin contraction. However, if there is a large amount of skin laxity, the excess skin will need to be excised through incisions behind your ears.* Dr. Sieber will be able to give you more information on what types of results to expect during your initial consultation.

Q: How long will my neck lift results last?

A: The longevity of your results depends on a multitude of factors including skin quality and genetics. In general, though, neck lift results typically last about 5-10 years.* As you age, your neck will gradually continue to age, but will always look 5-10 years younger than the rest of your face.* That is unless you also had a facelift.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Editorial content, before and after images, and patient testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of specific results.


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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Editorial content, before and after images, and patient testimonials do not constitute a guarantee of specific results. All images feature models except for before and after images.

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