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How to Prepare for a Breast Augmentation

You’ve come seeking information about preparing for breast augmentation in San Francisco.

Understanding the significance of thorough preparation for a successful breast augmentation procedure is paramount. Initiating the process promptly can contribute to a streamlined surgical experience, a smoother recovery period, and quicker attainment of desired outcomes.

Breast Augmentation Preparation

Breast augmentation preparationStart planning for your breast augmentation surgery today. Start by getting in better physical shape, and doing exercises to prepare for breast augmentation surgery then follow these preparatory steps. Create a breast augmentation preparation list!


One of your first tasks after healthy surgery should be to take the necessary amount of time off from work. You won’t want to be worried about other concerns while you are focused on your breast augmentation recovery.

Talk to Dr. Sieber about how long you should request off from work so that you can get this taken care of right away. Make sure your employer and co-workers know that you will be out-of-reach for this period of time.


Arranging at-home assistance after breast augmentation surgery is one of the best things you can do for your emotional health and recovery. If you can get someone to help you with childcare, household chores, running errands, and other tasks, your recovery experience will be greatly improved.

The key here is to arrange for help as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea as any holes in your care and assistance will ultimately be left up to you, the family member and you may simply be unable to fulfill these duties while you are still healing.

As a side note, don’t forget that you’ll need to have someone there immediately after your surgery to take you home as well.


While you will need to start getting up and walking around at some point during your recovery (frequent ambulation is an essential part of a healthy recovery), you will probably be stationary much the rest of the time. For this reason, it’s wise to set up a post-op recovery space where you will feel comfortable and have everything you need.

We recommend having the following items at-hand in your recovery space:

  • Healthy snacks
  • Drinks (water and non-caffeinated juices are best)
  • Bendable straws (you won’t be able to lift your arms easily, so straws will be essential for drinking)
  • Pencil and paper
  • A laptop or tablet device with charging cords
  • Phone charging cord
  • Remotes if you plan on watching TV or movies
  • Books and magazines
  • Wet wipes or baby wipes
  • Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • Lotion
  • Slippers
  • Blanket
  • Extra pillows
  • Wastebasket


Make sure your recovery wardrobe is comfortable, and items are easy to put on and take off.

Your post-op surgical bra will be provided for you immediately after surgery. After that, you will want to have a few comfortable, non-underwire sports bras that secure in the front.

In terms of clothing, choose comfortable, breathable fabrics, and pick styles that are easy to put on and take off as needed. Dressing in layers is a good idea as it’s easier to get comfortable if and when you get hot or cold.

Make sure your tops are at least one size bigger than you are used to (this goes for your sports bras too) as your breasts will not only be bigger because of your surgery, but they’ll also be bigger due to swelling.


If you’re used to cooking a lot and preparing your own meals at home, you’ll probably need to take a break from this during your recovery. To replace your home cooking, plan ahead by setting up some different meal and snack options.

For starters, snacks will be fairly easy if you can simply make a list of healthy options that you can always have on hand. Here are some ideas:

  • Granola bars
  • Protein bars
  • Nuts
  • Crackers and cheese
  • Easy-to-eat fruits (bananas, oranges, apples, etc.)
  • Yogurt cups
  • Gelatin cups

If you’d like to get creative in the kitchen before your surgery, you can also prepare some snacks ahead of time, such as the following:

  • Homemade “protein balls”
  • Premade smoothie ingredient bags (just take out of the freezer and blend)
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Healthy brownies

In terms of meals, some patients like to lean on ordering takeout. This can be good for some meals, but you may also want to have other options available at home, such as:

  • Deli meats and sandwich ingredients
  • Premade meals packaged in single portions and frozen (lasagnas, casseroles, soups, etc.)
  • Frozen store-bought meals
  • Premade store-bought salads or deli items (rotisserie chickens, veggie pizza, etc.)
  • Easy pantry meals like pasta and red sauce, frozen breaded fish and steamed frozen vegetables, etc.

While it’s not always possible to eat ultra healthy when you can’t cook your own meals at home, it’s certainly important to try. Wherever you can, incorporate lean protein, vegetables and fruits, and whole grains. A healthy diet will go a long way in terms of helping your body heal.


Lastly, while it may come as a surprise to some, constipation is one of the most common challenges during breast augmentation recovery. That’s because the pain medications that are often prescribed during this time can cause constipation as a side effect.

To offset this symptom, plan ahead by doing the following:

  • Consider taking a psyllium fiber supplement (always check with your doctor first)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat foods with plenty of fiber (vegetables and fruits)
  • Try a daily dose of prunes or dried apricots

How to prepare for a breast augmentationQuestions and Answers

What should I do the night before breast augmentation surgery?

For safety reasons, it is generally recommended by most physicians that you refrain from consuming any food hours prior to midnight on the evening prior to your breast augmentation surgery. However, Dr. Sieber might advise you to stay hydrated by consuming a sports drink like Gatorade up until 3 hours before the scheduled procedure on the day of surgery.

How do I prepare for breast augmentation surgery?

In anticipation of breast augmentation, you might be requested to undergo a blood test, cease smoking (at least six weeks before the surgery), make adjustments to or discontinue certain medications, and refrain from consuming aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs that could heighten the risk of bleeding and get a good night’s sleep.


Breast augmentation can be a life-changing experience for many individuals. If you have been thinking for a long time about the possibility of getting breast augmentation surgery, don’t wait to book a consultation appointment with Dr. David Sieber.

As one of the only double board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation surgery in the San Francisco Bay area, Dr. David Sieber is a highly sought-after plastic surgeon, for this and other popular cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Sieber would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your options for implants, your candidacy for cosmetic surgery, and your ultimate goals for your figure. No commitment is necessary when it comes to booking a consultation.

Feel free to ask all the questions you have, and be open with what you hope to achieve through a breast augmentation procedures.



Dr. Dave Sieber and his staff are so awesome! Dr. Sieber is personable yet professional, his work is impeccable. He listens to his patient and works with them to achieve what they want. He’s like my hair dresser, a magician, you just want to do a happy dance with the results, only these results are lasting. Ok, but seriously, the procedure was very smooth, the staff and the doctors (Dr Sieber and the anesthesiologist) had great communication and made sure I was comfortable with very clear and concise pre op and post op directions. The healing process was very easy and the results are FABULOUS. Side note, Dr. Sieber has really awesome skin, I feel like this is impressive and important because really, would you trust a dentist with bad teeth? I am so elated and satisfied with the results, the size is perfect and they look and feel very natural. They are exactly what I wanted.*

SF Scientist

Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is attentive, responsive, and well trained. I had seen him for Botox and filler and he had done both without any pain or bruising and more importantly the results were fabulous. He has met with me on time at each appointment. He communicates what to expect, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure, checked on my healing every day post procedure. He couldn’t be more delightful not more talented. I had seen other plastic surgeons for in office treatments over the past decade and Dr. Sieber is at the top of the list in terms of delivering the desired outcome and high quality care.*

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