Men, Plastic Surgery, and Gynecomastia

While many men have opted for cosmetic procedures in the past, they have made up a small percentage of the statistics until now. While it’s no surprise that men are subject to the same poor self-image and process of aging as women, it is a surprise just how quickly men are trending towards being a substantial demographic of patients. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, men made up 72% of the total number of hair transplants performed in 2016, along with 55% of chin augmentations, and 25% of rhinoplasties.

Many non-surgical procedures, like injectables or chemical peels, can be specifically tailored to men due to differences in skin and aesthetic goals. Some surgeons even offer male-specific procedures like calf or pectoral implants, and— perhaps the most popular selection— gynecomastia treatments.

What is Gynecomastia?

Just like women, men can be subject to change in their fat and breast tissue for many reasons. Age, genetics, hormone changes, weight, and certain medications can cause male breasts to develop in unwanted ways. Many men experience this during puberty and early development but grow out of it. Many don’t. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise, because often the cause is within the breast tissue which can’t be naturally reduced like fat. Otherwise healthy, fit men often struggle with breast tissue that protrudes or appears large and fatty.

How is it treated?

Treatment for gynecomastia is dependent on the cause. If it’s the result of fat, then a Liposuction procedure will be beneficial. Breast tissue, however, is denser and more fibrous than fat and has to be surgically removed. If extra skin is present, it will need to be surgically removed as well. Puffy or large nipples can also be fixed through surgery. Different incision options exist to best suit the anatomy being treated.

What are the results like?

Since the fat and breast tissue that causes gynecomastia are removed during the treatment, the results are long-lasting. The cells that store the fat are absent and can no longer swell with weight gain, meaning the breast region is now contoured over only muscle and underlying tissue.

This procedure can be life-changing for men who struggle with feeling like they have “man-boobs” and can’t get rid of them. Thanks to changing ideas about what plastic surgery can do for men, more patients are pursuing these procedures that can change their self-image and overall profile.

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