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What Is the Cost of Vaser Liposuction?

Cost Of Vaser Liposuction

With the popularity of Vaser liposuction rising, many men and women want to know: What’s the cost of Vaser liposuction?

While this topic can be stressful for some who are concerned about how they’ll pay for surgery, it doesn’t always have to be such a mystery. Because Vaser liposuction is becoming a routine procedure among many practices across the nation, there’s more information than ever about estimating the overall price.

4 Factors Affect the Cost of Vaser Liposuction

Every surgeon is different. Every patient is different. And every surgery is different. There are, of course, Vaser liposuction pros and cons. Still, we can tell you that the average cost of this procedure is around $6,000 or more.

Ultimately, the price you pay for Vaser lipo will be dependent on the following four factors:

#1 – Surgeon’s Fee

Cost Of Entire Core Liposuction VaserThe cosmetic surgeon you choose will naturally charge a fee for their work. This is usually a set fee that increases or decreases based on the amount of Vaser liposuction work they’ll be performing before, during, and after your procedure. The fee may or may not include consultation appointments, “extras” like compression garments or post-surgery massage and scar therapies, followup appointments, etc. Sometimes, these are billed separately.

If your surgeon is particularly skilled with fat removal via Vaser liposuction, they may charge more than the average surgeon. This is usually because their skills for this particular surgical procedure will be more in demand, which raises prices.

Where your surgeon is located can affect their fee too. Big city surgeons in metropolitan areas automatically need to charge more because the cost of living where they practice is higher. More rural surgeons in mid-sized cities may charge less. This is something you can inquire about at your initial consultation.

#2 – Your Anatomy

As long as you’re a good candidate for Vaser liposuction (healthy, good skin elasticity, stable weight, etc.), you should be able to proceed with the procedure. However, based on your anatomy and your specific situation and goals, it’s possible your price may differ from the norm. Some patients have “challenges” that require more skill and expertise.

For example, if you’ve had prior liposuction that you’d like to correct, the liposuction techniques required will be more advanced, making the procedure more difficult (and likely more expensive).

#3 – Your Goals

Vaser liposuction costs will also rise if you have extensive goals for surgery. For instance, if you want HD liposuction surgery or abdominal etching, this requires more skill, and will, therefore, be more expensive in the end.

Likewise, the more areas you want to treat, the higher your bill will likely be. For instance, if you want front and backside body contouring simultaneously (or circumferential liposuction), this will cost more than only focusing on one area. The cost of entire core liposuction Vaser style is always going to be higher than Vaser lipo for a single part of the body. The majority of plastic surgeons charge by the area.

Finally, if you’re hoping to have a fat transfer performed (where unwanted fat cells are removed and relocated to other parts of the body where more volume is desired), this will increase the cost of Vaser liposuction treatment as well. Many people are interested in fat transfer to the buttocks or breasts.

#4 – Anesthesia

All Vaser liposuction procedures require anesthesia. However, the type of anesthesia you have will influence your Vaser liposuction cost as well. General anesthesia, which will essentially put you to sleep throughout the procedure, is the most expensive.

This is because it requires a highly skilled anesthesiologist who much closely monitor you throughout your procedure. If your procedure runs long, they’ll spend more time with you and charge more.

Personalized Quotes Are Different From Online Estimates

Average Cost Of Vaser LiposuctionMany patients turn to the Internet for price quotes on cosmetic surgery. The problem with this is the Internet only has generalized information regarding the average cost of Vaser liposuction and other procedures. In other words, your estimate won’t be based on your body and your goals.

As a result, it’s almost always a good idea to read Internet cost estimates (but not take them completely seriously) and then, go straight to the source: a board certified plastic surgeon.

Only a professional board certified plastic surgeon can provide you with an accurate quote based on your desires for surgery, your current anatomy, and their specific price parameters. Liposuction surgery — like many other types of surgery — can be short and easy or long and complicated. You’ll want a professional to assess your situation before making assumptions about price.

Don’t Choose a Plastic Surgeon Based on Cost

For many things in life — cotton balls, mailing envelopes, for example — the brand name doesn’t really matter. Therefore, for these simple, everyday items of no real consequence, it’s worth it to buy based on price: The cheaper, the better.

This is not how you should choose a plastic surgeon. Far from it.

Plastic surgeons must be highly educated, skilled, and experienced in both traditional liposuction and Vaser liposuction before you consider them for surgery. Likewise, they should be board certified (or even better, double board certified), as this further emphasizes their training and ability.

Sometimes, choosing an extremely proficient surgeon means paying more. Remember that the extra cost is worth it. Do not choose a plastic surgeon based on cost — and instead, choose one based on skill and experience — and it is very likely you will be highly satisfied with your results.

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Dr. Dave Sieber and his staff are so awesome! Dr. Sieber is personable yet professional, his work is impeccable. He listens to his patient and works with them to achieve what they want. He’s like my hair dresser, a magician, you just want to do a happy dance with the results, only these results are lasting. Ok, but seriously, the procedure was very smooth, the staff and the doctors (Dr Sieber and the anesthesiologist) had great communication and made sure I was comfortable with very clear and concise pre op and post op directions. The healing process was very easy and the results are FABULOUS. Side note, Dr. Sieber has really awesome skin, I feel like this is impressive and important because really, would you trust a dentist with bad teeth? I am so elated and satisfied with the results, the size is perfect and they look and feel very natural. They are exactly what I wanted.*

SF Scientist

Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is a doctor who is not only extremely knowledgeable about the latest in cosmetic procedures, but a doctor who truly cares about his patients. I highly recommend him!*


Dr. Sieber is attentive, responsive, and well trained. I had seen him for Botox and filler and he had done both without any pain or bruising and more importantly the results were fabulous. He has met with me on time at each appointment. He communicates what to expect, made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure, checked on my healing every day post procedure. He couldn’t be more delightful not more talented. I had seen other plastic surgeons for in office treatments over the past decade and Dr. Sieber is at the top of the list in terms of delivering the desired outcome and high quality care.*

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