What You Can Gain with A Tummy Tuck Procedure

Although the tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, there can still be a lot of misinformation about what it is and what it does. The good news is that patients can gain a lot with a tummy tuck. This procedure is one of the best ways to overhaul the abdominal area through surgical techniques that have a lot of benefits. Here’s what you should know about what a tummy tuck procedure can do for you.

Cosmetic Benefits

Most otherwise-healthy people have a little extra fat and skin around their stomach and would most likely get rid of it if they could. A tummy tuck is very effective at removing extra skin and fat that can most commonly be the results of pregnancy and childbirth for women. A tummy tuck procedure can surgically remove fat and excise any extra, baggy skin, and some stretch marks can even be removed if they’re below the belly button. Tummy tuck techniques have come a long way, and any scarring can usually be hidden with clothing or within the natural folds of the skin. That means you’re left with a new, slim, contoured abdomen that can leave people guessing.

Medical Benefits

What most people don’t realize is that tummy tucks can do a lot for your body’s function as well. In the case of pregnancy and childbirth, the abdominal muscles can become stretched and ineffective during the process, meaning they can’t be restored with just diet and exercise. A tummy tuck can tighten these muscles with sutures, which can have many medical benefits. For example, many postpartum women suffer from urinary incontinence or back pain because of a weakened abdomen which leaves the core muscles with less support. Tummy tucks have been shown to lead to a large improvement in these conditions.

The best way to see what a tummy tuck can do for you is through a consultation with Dr. Sieber, a top plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay area with many years of experience helping his patients achieve great results. Contact us to schedule your appointment at our San Francisco office.


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